Vitamin and Mineral Premixes/Speciality Nutrients

Offering a range of ingredients and technologies to meet a variety of manufacturing environments and consumer demands.

Product Range:

Vitamin/Mineral Premixes

Premixes customised to suit the characteristics of your finished product. A premix can save both time and money in allowing you to purchase exactly what you need in a form that works.

Custom premixes can include not only vitamins and minerals but can be formulated to include functional ingredients eg fibers, gums, amino acids, proteins and botanicals.

Micro –Encapsulated Ingredients

Prevents ingredient interaction, minimise exposure to oxygen and moisture, masks undesirable flavours/odours and improved stability.


Standardised dilution allows more accurate scaling of micro ingredients

Granulations and Agglomerations

Free flowing granular powders that are directly compressible

Chelated Ingredients

Spray Dried Nutrients