Edible Film / Edible Glitter™

Speciality films are used in the food, pharmaceutical and health care industries. Film can be used for soluble packaging, a delivery system or as decorations.

Film Technology Product range:

Coloured Edible Glitter™ / Edible Glitter Shapes  – thin, lightweight flakes for toppings, inclusions and colour change systems. They can be used where normal sprinkles could not be used eg they will stick to a powdered sugar donut. They can be used in hard candies and baked onto bars and cookies.

Edible Film / Film Strips – actives can be used in film stripes eg for oral hygiene, alertness, nutrients and botanicals.

Sol-U-Paks™ – cold water soluble  film pouches for use in food products eg for protein powders, pre/post workout mixes.