Botanical Herbs and Extracts

We offer a full range of herbs, powdered extracts, standardised extracts and liquid extracts. Sourcing products from around the world, including specialist ranges eg Chinese medicinal herbs, South American rainforest herbs.

Product Range

Botanical Herbs

Whole, cut, fine cut and powered herbs from leaf, root, stem, flower, seed.

Powdered Extracts (P.E)

A ratio of actual plant processed to finished plant powder eg 4:1 P.E would mean that 4kg of raw plant is processed to produce 1kg of finished powdered herb.

Standardised extracts (S.E)

Plants are processed for a specific active component. The % indicates the percentage of active ingredient in the powder eg Boswella Serrata S.E. (20% Boswellic acid).

Liquid Extracts

Herbs in a liquid form with various methods of extractions eg alcohol, water.


Certified Organic options for many of the product ranges mentioned above.