Vanilla and Flavour Extracts

Entreshar proudly represents Nielsen-Massey Vanillas superb range of natural vanillas and flavour extracts. These are available ex stock in retail, food service and industrial sizes.

Product Range:

Vanilla Products

Unlike the common widely used heat extraction process, Nielsen-Massey uses a unique cold process which protects the more than 250 compounds that contribute to the flavour bouquet of vanilla.

Vanilla Extract – a consistent blend of select vanilla beans.

Organic Fairtrade Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract – a certified fairtrade, organic origin specific vanilla extract.

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Paste – offers the same full-bodied vanilla flavours as the extract with a twist – the vanilla bean is ground up and added back to the vanilla with the addition of a natural thickener.

Flavour Extracts & Flower Waters

These flavourful extracts contain natural botanic oils in an alcohol base for the cleanest flavour and purity in an easy to use form.

Orange and Lemon Extracts – bright citrus flavours to perk up a range of dishes. The extracts can also be used to replace both zest and juice.

Almond Extract – delivers superb almond flavour made from the purest oil of bitter almond. Can also be used as an alternative to almond paste for flavour.

Chocolate Extract – embodies the uninhibited depth and flavour of dark chocolate.

Coffee Extract – rich, freshly brewed flavour. Can be used to replace both dry espresso powder and brewed coffee.

Peppermint Extract – refreshing mint flavour

Orange Blossom Water  – a refreshingly aromatic water also known as the essential oil of Neroli. It is produced by water distillation of the blossoms of the bitter orange tree.

Rose Water – an elegant steam distillate of rose petals. Intense and concentrated.