Pasta & Cous Cous

Pasta and cous cous specifically developed to meet technology and marketing requirements – chilled, retorted, frozen and dehydrated.  An exciting new product is a high protein pasta option.

Pasta Product Range:

High Tenacity ++               :  designed to stand up to all treatments, even the most extreme

High Tenacity BF ++         : suitable for baby food applications

High Tenacity                     : high temperatures and acid environments are not a problem

Cup                                        : these instant pasta rehydrate in a few minutes

High Protein                       : 60% protein content


Pasta is versatile and can be mixed with meat, fish and vegetables. It would have application in pasta salads, meal –kits, ready meals, frozen meals, instant and canned soups and baby foods.

Cous Cous Product Range:

3 grades                             : fine, medium and course

2 Moisture Rates              : low moisture <7%, standard <12.5%

Suitable for tabbouleh, side-dishes, ethnic recipes, soups etc.